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 Tomos and ShaniLoftyPastora 


  • Border Collie. Dog
  • Died in 2010, aged 11
  • Castrated, vaccinated, microchiped
  • Adopted in the UK from the RSPCA and came to Spain in 2001


  • Spanish Mastiff Cross.  Dog
  • Died in 2010, aged 8
  • Castrated, vaccinated, microchiped
  • Brother of Alfonso
  • Found as a puppy, starving and riddled with fleas


  • German Shepherd.  Bitch
  • Died in 2006, aged 10
  • Found in horrific condition – dragging her back legs after being tied up for most, if not all, of her life (which also caused her to have hairless patches on her flanks), part of an ear missing, a badly reset front leg, a growth on her tail.
  • Nursed back to strength.  So much so that when a wheelchair was acquired when she finally lost all use of her back legs we had problems keeping up with her! 


  • Pointer.  Dog
  • Died in 2008, age unknown, but very very old.
  • Found almost completely blind with growths covering 90% of his body


  • Spanish Mastiff.  Dog
  • Died in 2004, aged 4.
  • Found wandering and starving in a local village.  He was terrified of men but was otherwise a beautiful animal with a lovely temperament.


  • Boxer.  Dog
  • Died in 2006, aged 6.
  • Completely blind and when found he was unable to stand.  In time her became secure and playful, though never regained full strength.  Found with Peter who acted as his guide and cared for him, always ensuring he ate first.