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(British-Asturian Animal Foundation) 


FABA is a non-profit making association


Founded in 2006 to help maltreated and abandoned animals.

 We help mostly dogs, some cats and a donkey now and then.


You can help these animals

by either making a donation, sponsoring a dog or giving one a home.

For more information please contact us.


We are based in an area of Northern Spain (Siero, Asturias) which has no animal refuge. We take the animals in, give them veterinary attention if necessary, shelter, food and, very importantly, affection. When they are settled and stronger, we spay or neuter them and then offer them for adoption. We are, of course, left with the old, infirm and not so beautiful! It is still the case in Spain that most people prefer pure breed, male puppies, although this is changing .... slowly.


There are three of us (two Spanish, one British). We all have full-time jobs and care for approximately 100 animals between us. We have no help apart from individual donations. Please give us your support if you can. There is such a lot we need to do.




This website is still under construction. Pictures and details of the animals we rescue will be added soon.